Gods Gift for those who are ugly and never get laid to jerk off their desires
god:oh this ugly guy needs some pleasure let me create a tool
called masturbation to make him pleasure himself and feel what
it will be like to have sex
by chin345 November 05, 2007
it is what every man and woman has no doubt done at one point in there lives
it is also what some people do everyday because they cant get a girlfriend and/or boyfriend. Its ok its natural to masturbate as long as you don't do it to often. There is even a short saying about masturbation.
"Masturbation source of recreation"
by brianna is hot July 21, 2005
the process of feeling yourself because youre alone...because nobody likes you.
Jason-God stop being emo!
Amy-Im sorry...i'll go masturbate off of hentai.
Jason-oh rly!? Hentai is good for that masturbation of the masterbate.
Amy- Fo sho. wanna join me?
jason- Of course. doing it by yourself isnt that much fun.
by haha pie. May 27, 2007

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