The act of taking a shower or bath with the only reason to masturbate in it.
"Dude, I need to go home and masturbathe"
"I caught him masturbathing last night!"
"I don't always take a shower, but when I do, I masturbathe."
by WakeWhit March 03, 2012
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The act of masturbating while bathing.
Last night, I masturbathed and it was so relaxing.
by Jennifer Notch May 30, 2005
To pleasure oneself sexually whilst washing or immersing one's body in water.
Friend 1: Andi hasn't left her room in days.
Friend 2: Yeah she's been really upset since she and Rodney broke up.
Friend 1: What she needs is to brew some herbal tea, run a warm bath, and masturbathe in it.
Friend 2: True. It'll improve her miserable mood as well as her poor hygiene.
by Diggles July 03, 2013
Jerkin' it in the tub.
After a couple hours of fruitless sexting, I retreated to the bathroom to masturbathe the pain away.
by jimmyjohngalt January 15, 2009
Masturbating in the shower
Attention students of College University, please don't Masturbathe in the shower. The semen is clogging the drains.
by H. Honcho April 09, 2012
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