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1) Massivepain is a well known player in the game called "World of Warcraft". While nothing is known of the real person behind it, Massivepain is famous for his or hers amazing skills in the game. These skills have lead to the belief that Massivepain is in fact not a human being, but something far superior to our race.

2) Massivepain is an adjective which describes something as being either or a combination of: Good, Professional, Superior and/or Unworldly.

3) Slang for the most unachievable of ones goals or ambitions.
1) I wonder if Massivepain is single or not, because I desire his offspring.

2) Oh my God! That supernova looked almost Massivepain.

3) Give up man, everyone has Massivepains. You have to be realistic in your dreams.
by teh_internetz October 26, 2007

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