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Massive Pussy Syndrome or MPS.
This is better known as pussyitis.

A disease that targets the male species and causes them to be more like the female of the species.

-no longer enjoying the taste of beer.
-no longer liking sports.
-agreeing with your wife.
-listening to your wife.
-choosing to be with your wife instead of drinking beer with the guys/team after the game.
-unquenchable urge to shave your box 24/7.

-a night out with guys involving borderline alcohol poisoning and a strip club. Patient must be left on his door step and his doorbell rung for his wife to find.

Cure only works in some cases and may take several doses before a full cure can be obtained.
Teammate 1 - "Where did Mike go?"

Teammate 2 - "He said he no longer likes the taste of beer since he got the Massive Pussy Syndrome. Then he went home to shave his box!"

by CMAK in the shwa May 20, 2008

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