(pronounced mass - e)
Vile, disgusting, horrible, not in the preferred state.
Can be used to describe a person, place or situation.

Its slang meaning was developed from its similarity to the word messy and is a reference to horror author Elizabeth Massie, whose storylines were of a vile nature.
Commonly used in North Carolina.

Alternate meaning:
In some states in Australia it is used to describe a man with little or no trouser bulge, leading to the assumption of female genitalia where the penis should be.
Tidy your room! it's massie

Katy: Jack's scrotum had not seen a wash cloth in days.
Julia: That's massie.


Katy: He was chong, but he had a massie
by Kolinda July 31, 2011
Top Definition
a sex goddess, hard to get but fun to be around. when you finally have sex with her everything else will fail to compare the complete opposite of a slut, every guy wants to be with her but cant succeed
DAMN! look at that massie, i wish i could get with her!!
by textingamassie June 25, 2011
A Massie, usually a female, is a drama queen of biblical proportions. A Massie refuses to do what is right in order to put her life in order because she enjoys the chaos and the attention being a total mess brings her. Without the chaos, she can't go and cry to multiple men for sympathy and attention.
Dan: Do you know Tamara's ex came into her home late at night and tried to have sex with her?

Andre: Yea. She said she just wanted to talk but he had other things on his mind. Then she went crying to her boyfriend about it. Then she took her ex to get a rental car.

Dan: Really? What a Massie
by truth1971 January 06, 2013
basically a bitch
man that Massie is just such a bitch
ya i bet he astro jacks ahah
by dickkksuckkker May 16, 2011
A slut, she loves to be the center of attention and has her own clique! she is the leader. Loves sex, has more than one dog and all the guy just wanna fuck her. she is a shopoholic and is filthy stinkin rich! if u get her mad, she will make u want to die!
You are such a Massie!! and i like it! (start making out)
by Babter March 08, 2008
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