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A Massachusetts mother in law is a woman who portrays herself as caring loving mother to her ( momma's boy) son . Don't be deceived , she will not look at you as a new daughter , but as fierce competition . Extreme jealousy will come into play , and you , your marriage , and children will become a target to her vicious games . Women in Massachusetts , who become mothers , are neglectful to the children they bring into the world. Not giving of themselves , to truly understand what unconditional love for a child is . This mother always put her needs , before her children's needs , and that is why she becomes a monster when a daughter in law comes into the picture . Instead of being happy that her son married a woman who truly loves him , gave her grandchildren , keeps a great house , is always faithful , moves away from her own family to be a part of his , this woman flies into a jealous rage , thinks you are trying to outdo her as a mother and wife . This is where the evil in her appears . She will do what ever it takes to make you look bad . After spreading lies about you ,and your children , she thinks this will make her look like a better wife and mother than you . After emotionally wrecking you and your marriage ,shes off to ruin more lives , with her younger sons . Always keep your guard up , and take notes ,you never know when you might need them for court .
"But ma ,how could you say that about my wife , your the one who cheated on dad ,and left me alone at home,dirty andstarving , while you got your hair and nails did "!!! the poor son said to the "Massachusetts mother in law"..
by NEhater January 08, 2014
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