shy guy who treats his girl like a princess
everyone loves him
and his smile is literally heaven
Have you seen Mason today?

Oh yeah, he was walking Lauren to class

He's so sweet
by Laurwhore October 06, 2013
Mason is a short boy, usually knows how to get girls, very sweet and really nice and super cute and hot. Usually has girls wrapped around his fingers, knows how to wheel girls, and a great booty grabber, he knows how to get booty when he wants to. Usually gets a lot of girls.
Oh my gosh, he is totally a Mason!
by Dreammoutloud August 26, 2012
This guy is the definition of metal. He gets all the ladies and has incredible hair. He's sometimes too metal for most people. The Gods of metal bow down to him.
Who's that insanely metal guy?!

Oh him? That's just Mason
by toometalforyou April 28, 2013
A boy who is Extremely cute, probably tall and lanky-ish, and has a thing for short girls even though it's all the tall girls who like him. He may or may not be a really good singer, and if he is he's most likely a tenor.
Girl: oh I have such a big crush on mason, but he only likes short girls.
by Draco Lucius Malfoy February 14, 2015
Mason is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's country and usually extremely tall. He's outstanding in baseball and really smart. He loves God and always knows what to say. If you have a Mason keep him 'cause they are the best. His eyes are gorgeous and he always looks good. He is funny and always has a smile on his face. He makes friends with everyone and is a leader. He is great at basically anything and can shoot a bow and arrow with a blindfold on. Mason's are good at keeping secrets and know how to keep a girl in love. Girls easily fall for Mason and always wants to be around him. If you have one, you have found a keeper.
I love Mason!
by Zyxwvutsrq67 January 15, 2014
A very quiet, but cool girl. Usually with dark hair and certain eyes. She always looks mad, but in actuallity, is usually in a good mood, and only looks pissed because she is in deep thought. She'll have a decent body, and face, but she makes up for that with her wicked sense of humor. When you see her around with other guys, you'll get extremely jealous. If you ever hear a high-pitched laugh, a deep voice, or a very loud yell, you'll know it's a Mason. Voices her sexual tensions about a lot of guys, but when she likes a guy, she's the sweetest girl you'll ever have, if you ever get a Mason, dont let her go. And if she ever asks you out, you'd be a fool to say no.
"Look at that girl, she is such a Mason."

Friend "Who was that girl that talked about blowjobs in science today?"

"Oh, that was Mason, but she was just jokeing."

"Who was that guy you were talking to earlier today?"
"... Um, that was Mason, and she's a girl..."

"You're so lucky, you have the sweetest girlfriend ever."
"I know, she is such a Mason".
by Tangy bear February 27, 2012
A Mason is a very amazing person he is the best at everything, including: being you, being the strongest, being the most fabulous and majestic, being the best at sports, being the most attractive. He can do anything but he really likes hanging with friends and playing video games. He hates school and wishes he could sleep in all day!
Person 1: "That guy is amazing!"
Person 2 " He is definitely a Mason!"
by Ghetto Hoop star! Potato! May 04, 2015
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