A very large,big,gigantic,humogous,super duper, and BIGGERTHANYOURS dick

Each = equals 5 inches
My mom was out all night on that Mason's Mason .
by MR.SuckMe January 24, 2009
A guy who plays hard-to-get very easily. He comes off as immature, but really he just wants to have fun. He will trust a girl with his whole heart and he'll do anything for love, but only if that girl shows they care for him. You can't help but to fall in love with him and those breathtaking, brown eyes of his. He'll take away all your fears, but only to bring them back twice as much in fear of losing him. He always keeps his promises. He can make anyone laugh at any time of day. He has one of the biggest hearts a person can have, but you'll have to earn his love to know what it feels like to be worthy of it. The pain that comes with him when he falls out of love with you is too much to handle and torturous. He kids around lot and sometimes it's hard to tell if everything's just a big joke through his eyes or if he's meaning it. He has the ability to break your heart with the things he says, but he also has the ability to piece it back together. You're truly missing out if you've never met him...... because meeting him was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I couldn't imagine life without you Mace, I love you.
Mason will always have my heart because he deserves it more than anyone for taking the time to understand everything about me.
by KaleighTaylor July 18, 2011
The overall amazing guy. Mason is funny,caring,nice,and cute. Mason is an amazing friend and a great listener he'll always make you smile even when he asks you random questions about batman or talks about his cute/nerdy star wars obsession If your lucky enough to be masons friend you will automatically fall for him. Even if you dont want to risk your friendship with him in the probable case he doesn't feel the same. You can still have hope and wish that one day he will realize your feelings(maybe soon in high school) but until then cherish the time you spend with him because some day he will realize he's to amazing to hang out with someone like you and that you were just another girl in his English class who constantly asked him relationship questions. In other words if you find a mason there is no doubt you wont fall in head over heels for him so try your best to hold onto him and never let go.
Ellie:I can't stop thinking about him! Just thinking about him makes me smile!
Friend1:she must be talking about mason!
Friend2:again?! Everyone knows he deserves better
by Lea10 July 09, 2012
1. A friend or buddy..usually used in a greeting
2. A ghetto way of saying son
- Yo whats up ma son?

-2. Where the hell is ma son?
by SAFNY November 29, 2006
n. nice guy, isn't too big but can kick your ass if you piss him off; he likes to just hang around and do whatever pops into mind and he's nice to you if you let him be; he's smart but has a passion for hating school
"i wish i was mason"
"i'm surprised that mason doesn't have a girlfriend"
by psychiatricsbra March 14, 2014
An astronomical unit of mass. Units are so massive, that most, if not all things are measured in Micro Masons (MMason).
VY Canis Majoris, the largest known star has a mass of 0.5 Mason.

Betelgeuse, on the other hand, has a mass of 0.1 Mason
by Barbecued Ribs April 15, 2010
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