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once you meet a mason your life will change forever..
if he decides he wants to be with you, he makes you feel like a princess + that your the luckiest girl alive..he will make you smile all the time with all the sweet things he says and you can fall for a mason very quickly. He will do everything to make you feel special and has the most gorgeous eyes and the cutest smile..kissing him is magical and every moment you spend with him you wish could last forever and ever.. all those hugs from behind.. before you know it you feel like your in love and life seems amazing..
until one day he decides he doesnt want to be with you anymore, and once you lose a mason come alot of tears+ heart break.. you feel worthless and you would do anything to have him back..the next time you see him he tells you there is a chance you can still get back together but then changes his mind again..
once all of this has happened you realise he is a player and doesnt really care for you..then he will completley block you from his life and its all over. i still think about the times i had with him+ i wish i could have him back with all my heart.. so if you ever meet a mason.. make sure you dont let him go.. because if you do, its hell :'(
mason m
by h m August 05, 2011
A boy who is in love with the wrong girl. He's brilliant, but won't believe it when you tell him. On the outside, he's funny, very attractive, and a bit weird. On the inside, though, he can be the sweetest boy you know. Tends to shorten his words while texting if he's nervous. A boy you'll have a crush on from elementary to high school but never get the timing right. Also, obsessed with video games. Girls like you, Mason. You just have to like them back.
Friend 1: Hey, did you talk to Mason today??
You: Yeah, I don't think I'll ever get over him.
by GrammerGirl November 29, 2011
(1) Someone who works with cement and stone to build things.

(2) A member of the Masonic Temple. The Masonic Temple was originally a brotherhood of those masons (1) who built temples to the One True God, variously called Mazda, Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah.
I'm a mason. My crew and I built that stone church down the road.
by Master Mason December 09, 2006
One of the sweetest, kindest, funniest guys. He stands up for his girl, but he's shy around most other girls. He's honest, and the "No guy will pass my inspection" kind of big brother. He's the kind of guy that though he's really sweet, most people would never know it.
He loves music and video games, and he'd prefer sleeping in all day than going to school.
He doesn't like big crowds or overly-loud people.
He cares about his girlfriend's friends, even if he doesn't like them and if you insult his girl, you're going down.
He likes his hair, too.
He introduces his girlfriend to the girls he likes, but he makes sure she knows that he's loyal to one girl only.
He has his ideal image of the perfect woman, but insists his girl is beautiful, and has an amazing personality.
Tressa: Did you meet Mason?
May: Yeah, he seems cool.
Tressa: He's really sweet.
by Stole.His.Heart October 22, 2012
A very large,big,gigantic,humogous,super duper, and BIGGERTHANYOURS dick

Each = equals 5 inches
My mom was out all night on that Mason's Mason .
by MR.SuckMe January 24, 2009
Mason is the best guy in the whole entire world! He's super cute, and very sweet! He's extremely funny, and knows all the right things to say. Even if he's thousands of miles away, he knows how to make you smile, with a simple text. When you see him, he brightens up your day. He loves to play video games! If you ever met a Mason, you can't help but love him! One look into his eyes, and you're under his spell. So, if you know one, you are very lucky!
Woah, who was that?! He's so cute!

That was Mason!
by TheOne<3 December 28, 2012
The sweetest most awesome guy you could ever meet. You would be lost without him. Cute and Funny. He does well in school.
That guy is such a mason!
by i<3mason June 25, 2011