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An amazing, orgasmic sensation that runs through one's body reaching places as deep as one's soul, when one is in the presence of, or even within sight of Mason. The Mason Sensation is very addictive and hard to resist. There is little one can do when he/she is hit with the Mason Sensation, except embrace and be thankful that you are blessed enough to be in the presence of Mason. The Mason Sensation has been known to change lives and cure people of blindness.
NOTE: Even though the Mason Sensation is a beloved and beautiful thing, it can, in time, corrupt the human mind. After a long period of time under the Mason Sensation, one can become dependent on it, and will do drastic things to acquire it if it is lost. There have been a few rare cases where people have killed for the Mason Sensation. There are many rehabilitation centers and support groups for people who are addicted.
Bob: Oh My God!!! What is this?!? It feels as though I'm soaring over a beautiful double rainbow with a bunch of pretty butterflies!!!! Oh God!!! What is happening!!! This is better than sex!!!

Joe: Looks like Bob's got the Mason Sensation

Billy: Gee Willikers!!! I think you're right!!!!
by saxman412 February 26, 2011

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