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Name given to a female that is beautiful, amazing, loving, talented, and sexually pleasing.
"Don't you just wish you were a Masha?!"
by duhhhziess9090 November 21, 2009
sexy girl who everyone is jealous of...she has the best boyfriend, the best dream life. pretty blondie, with beautiful blue eyes.and sweet perfect skin.

tons of friends.although a lot of them do get jelous at her occasionally (:
that girl is such a masha, thats why she has the perfect hot boyfriend
by luvchickxoxoxoxo March 16, 2009
A sexy Russian girl who smokes blunts and drinks vodka like water. She can out drink any boy and will then make fun of them in Russian-swag dialect. Since she is foreign, all the Canadian and American boys think they have a chance with her, while all the Canadian and American girls do not understand her style, because they lack international swag. Masha is always swagged out in the latest European deisgner items. She buys more shoes in a week than your family has in your entire house. Her swag sets off metal detectors when she goes through airport security. Her family owns Russia and will send the Russian mafia after your basic ass if you fuck with her. Watch out. Masha's are serious bitches.
Wow did you see that foreign girl? Her name is Masha, I'll make a pass at her tonight


Masha has so much swag, she just set the metal detectors off


Masha brings so much swag to North America!
by YoungHOV3689 May 29, 2011
Beautiful blond girl, with many friends and people who love her. She has a loving family and everyone wishes to be like her. Masha is a very sexy, stunning, beautiful, intelligent, creative, sporty, and hot girl who a lot of people are jealous of.
Don't you wish you had a girl like Masha?
by Icepower123 March 02, 2011
Russian nick-name for Maria. Usually a name given to a female that is cute and smart. Masha's are caring friends also.
Masha helps me a lot on my recovery.
by XxNoNamexX February 24, 2013
the biggest bitch on earth, she is cruel and she is annoying...beware she bites!!!!
hey im masha, rawr!
by Victoria Loves Antoni 777 July 10, 2009
BIG FUCKING WHORE who has no friends and lives in a box.....often has dreams about males named taheer
Masha is a fucker WHORE
by fdyiauhosaerujisdaidujfdkj February 26, 2009
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