a telivision show which ran from 1972-1983 about Surgeons at a korean war saving Casualties and there Adventures
Mash is the best show on T.V.
by Admir DeMondo December 23, 2003
an organization dedicated to men and there cheating ass hoes. MASH: MEN AGAINST SNEAKY HOES.
Yo bro, im in the MASH club, how about you???
by Hajimoto MR2 March 06, 2005
to leave out of a place
this party is weak, lets mash
by bitch_im_me November 28, 2004
fuck someone
i wanna mash dat gyal
by sneaky j May 02, 2003
To ride a bike (usually on the road) at olympic blazing speeds without regard for human life, so fast that you think your legs and body will explode.
those hipster kid don't have jobs, all they do is smoke american spirits and mash on their fixies!
by mAgik bUS December 08, 2009
To engage in sexual activities.
I am horney... I need to mash a chic.
by chaz alano August 05, 2008
To walk or drive FAST somewhere.
We were mashing on the freeway to get to the party on time.
by Eemia Z July 23, 2005
To get going or go somewhere
Let's mash to the club.
by Eemia Z July 23, 2005

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