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A masculasian, is a teenage girl of Asian ancestry, who becomes increasing masculine as time goes on. Masculasians can be spotted wearing sweatshirts from their volleyball teams, or with a dirty ponytail pulled up over their greasy head. Masculasians have large bellies and even larger calfs, which resemble those of a well toned man. A masculasian will typically have a much older appearance than they actually are, as this is an aspect of the epidemic.
Boy 1: Yo dude, you see that Asian chick there?
Boy 2: The one who looks like she has a large package?
Boy 1: Yeah, she's scary...
Boy 2: Yeah man, she's looking pretty tough. Looks like she could beat us up.
Boy 1: That's cause she's a masculasian.
by SexPanther_Get the truth Out! October 05, 2009
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