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Mangaka, author of many successful shonen-ai such as "Video Girl Ai", "DNA2" and "I"S". His art is amazingly good, his stories talk about young 16-year olds with sentimental problems.
Masakazu Katsura created Ai and just for that he should be made a saint.
by Michael November 25, 2003
A mangaka. Gained notoriety through his work "Video Girl Ai" and the incredibly well drawn girls and their asses that lay within. Has since gone on to create other notable works such as "DNA^2", "Shadow Lady" and "I''s". He is also the character designer for the anime Iria. Currently he is drawing Zetman; a manga that no one cares about.

Also, Dark Horse sucks balls for not re-releasing "Shadow Lady" and all American manga publishers suck dick for not releasing "DNA^2".

Joe while reading Video Girl Ai, "Man, Masakazu Katsura is awesome!. These girls are so damn sexy. I just want to jump into that manga and fuck 'em!".
by Fukuboy April 02, 2008
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