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A type that is pure, precious, untouched, angelic, innocent, though intelligent and capable. A diamond-in-the-rough/pearl-in-the-ocean sorta princess. Usually royalty. An incredibly beautiful and selfless person. Usually one who is very active and otherwise very fit and sexy. Smells like roses, jasmine, and orange blossom. She's a very smart person who is prone to success & happiness. She always looks good no matter what.
by blackiceee April 13, 2011
The funniest and most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Her eyes are her best feature and she drives guys crazy. She's different from other girls and stands out because of her uniqueness and pretty face. Usually a brunette with brown eyes. She's the new girl every wants to know.
Mark: Your girlfriend's such a maryum.
Jacob : I know man she's amazing in bed.
by jacobmasta April 07, 2013
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