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sweet, honest, adventurous, naughty, loves to love and be loved. short version of Maria Lourdes.
You are such a Marylou.
by costma February 02, 2010
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Sweet , honest , sexy girl , loves being loved , outgoing , always has a smile on her face , flirty , many guys are attracted to her , keeps relationships serious , good in bed , tends to give you pay back , a party animal and a very independent girl who can do it herself.
Marylou is Very Attractive
by casstroo2 June 18, 2014
Evil~ Has an evil son named Mijo~ (^^)

Is in no way sweet and innocent like people says she is...
Its MARYLOU!! Run.

Awesome.... Marylou is here (^^);;
by Evil Lou May 23, 2010
A vietnamese slave who loves to talk, tends to go off about her master/boss andrew, loves horses that are attached to a stick, has teased hair, smokey eyes, usually around 5 feet and has a FAT LAZY DOG!

you're being such a marylou right now..
by pokemaster1990000 September 15, 2010

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