Pronounced MARE-UH-LUND and not MARY-LAND. One of those states with an identity crisis. It doesn't know wheather its southern or eastern. Its southern due to its location in the Appalachain Mountains with numerous hicks in the west, but eastern due to its location in the Megalopolis region of the East Coast. Most of its 5.5 million residents (18th in population) live between Frederick and the Washington-Baltimore Metro area. Baltimore (650,000) is the largest city and Annapolis is the capital.

It may be a small state, but it is among America's wealthiest per-capita with a high cost of living. Maryland's high cost of living is due to its proximity to Washington DC and its suburbs, which are among the most expensive places in the U.S. to live, and its enumerous jobs with the Federal Government. It is not a conincidence that The National Institue of Health is in Maryland.

Maryland has plenty of seafood, and crabcakes are what makes Baltimore famous. Baltimore is an old, crappy, crime-ridden town with a bad murder problem but its Inner Harbor is nice with bars, tourist attractions and the NAtional Aquarium.
Maryland is a nice state to live, but I wouldn't want to live there. The people are haughty, talk with a funny accent, and I don't like the way they vote in elections.
by krock1dk February 14, 2008
Originating from the state of Ohio in the year 2009, Maryland is a term for smoking weed. Comes from the term Mary Jane, another term for marijuana. The term probably wouldn't be as good to use if one is actually in the state, Maryland.
Example 1:
I am so stressed out right now, I could really use a trip to Maryland!

Example 2:
Guy 1: Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Guy 2: Going to Maryland.
by _Ty_Ty April 15, 2010
A state where people say it can be kind of hard to understand us because of the accent. We don't usually pronounce d's in words unless its at the beginning or if we try to. We usually pronounce Maryland "murlin" or "marlin", thats our only difference in speaking so we don't have an accent really.

Maryland has Howard County which is pretty rich and we have Baltimore. And Baltimore isn't ALL ghetto, only the projects is. We have D.C. and I don't know if its ghetto because I don't live there. D.C. is like New York only boring as hell, yeah the fucking white house is there, who cares?! Not me! It's just a fucking building!

Anyway Maryland also has P.G. County which is rough, and very conveniently a catholic high school is voted there. My brother who went there saw a kid get stuck up for his northface and he ran away.

Also we have the greatest 2 towns for living here. Ellicott City (where I live) is the second. AND IT SUCKS ASS! I DON'T EVEN GET HOW ITS UP THERE! Ellicott City is a boring place next to a town with a mall, it also has a high asian population so people don't always get a lot of candy on halloween. The only things to do in Ellicott city is get driven to the mall to hang out with people or go to peoples houses.

Columbia (where I used to live) is the first, it is a pretty kickass place and its next to Ellicott, the population is very diverse and there's a mall and woods near every house so there is always something to do there.
Howard County is the only cool part of Maryland
by joe725 April 09, 2007
A unique state. The weather sucks (hot and humid as a mother in the summer, cold as a bitch in the winter) the blue crabs are severely overrated, Alaskan king crabs and such are better. The city of Baltimore is literally a dump and the people there have the most annoying accent on the face of the Earth (no offense). However, the scenic parts are nice and the suburbs of D.C. are awesome such as Montgomery County. Everything is here there are forests, beaches, and mountains.

Maryland Kid: I'm from Maryland, where we speak English.
by D.C. IS HORRIBLE April 17, 2009
Known as "Maarilin" to those who live there. Maarilin is known for its large body of wuder, the Chesapeake bay. The University of Maryland, home of the terps(short for "terpin", or terrapin)is one of the largest public universities in America.

Maryland may as well be split into thirds and given to other states. Western Maryland, with some of the most affluent counties in the county(Montgomery, Howard) can go to Pennsylvania, there is no difference whatsoever. Northern Maryland(farms) can to West Virginia, i'm sure that all the hicks will get along very nicely. The Eastern Shore and southern Maryland(with all the crabs and home schooled kids) can go to Virginia, but only southern Virginia, seeing as people in northern Virginia are normal.

Maryland is not in the south, but it's not in New England either. Located right on the Mason-Dixon line, Maryland is suffering from a severe identity crisis.

One of the best states in the Union(if you were to take away the Eastern Shore and PG county)
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Maarilin
Person 1: Where?
Person 2: (with great difficulty) Maryland
Person 1: Oh, are you a hick, a redneck, or a rich ass white kid?
by kellancullen January 09, 2009
Maryland aka murdahland is ghetto as shit in some places. On the west side of MD its all about sex, drugs, crime, and all that shit. But on the east part of MD its all fields n shit. PG county, Baltimore, and DC have some of the highest crime rates. Overall Maryland is pretty tight if u know the right people...
Ghetto- pg county, DC, B-More
Not Ghetto- Grantsville
by PGCounty Gurlii September 26, 2004
1) A state with about 5.5 million people. DC is partly here along with Annapolis and Baltimore. It is a state nowhere as gangsta as MA.

2) (a term that many ppl don't know about, cuz i invented it) to smoke weed, or get high. as in mary jane=weed. maryland. to be in the land or mary... A great term to use when you have random losers running amok, or when you just dont want ne1 to know.
1)I went to Maryland to see my uncle.

2) Ai, yo. I brought the grass. wanna go to maryland in a cuppla hours?
by da bean March 11, 2006
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