the place you know you're at when the weather is nicer, drier, clearer, or snowier everywhere else.
1.Gee, it seems like that big blizzard is really hammering the East Coast!

Except it's just raining a little in Maryland.

1.Wow, the weather in the East is really nice for a midsummer day!

Except I hear it's still pretty hot and humid in Maryland.
by Ayo wassup December 14, 2008
We are not South, We are not north. We are mid-atlantic. We dont have an odd accent but only the ones we are used to:
Baltimore: Balmore.
Snowcones: Snoballs.
Wooter: wAter.
You All: Chall.
Hoagie: Subs (hoagie sometimes)
Shore: beaches.
We have some riches, some poors, some middle.
If you know the right attitude, you will be fine in the city.
If you talk the right way, you will be fine in the suburbs.
Baltimore its not a terrifying.
People in MD do alot for themseleves.
We do know how to pump our own gas, thanks Jersey.
Nothing around here is weird.
Walking the streets of Layfette and Gay St, it is normal to have a blunt in your hand.
We know all about your traffic and we have patience.
Keeping it steady with the Natty Bo's, Crabs and having a good time.
We know all about the hard times in Maryland.
by GetAtMe May 10, 2006
Where the North begins. A great state, a wonderland full of fields and rivers and crabs. Bordered by Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia, this great state is home to D.C. suburbs, Baltimore aka Da Charm City, and The Chesapeake Bay (da Chest-Peak, eh?). The accent spoken in this state is the same Canadian sounding accent that's spoken in Wisconsin, but that can't be said for the state south of it (Virginia). It's a microcosm of America, and it's next to both Our Nation's Capital and the Ohio-meets-Fughettaboutit state of Pennsylvania. A great state to live in or visit.
Maryland: The Best Place On Earth
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 19, 2009
Home to the conjunction of the white elitists of the north and the black people and rednecks of the south and west. If you like any dishes with crab in them, this is the best place to get those dishes. Trust me. There is a bit of an accent in the Baltimore area, example: "Warsh the dishes with hot wooder." Go anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay and you will find a "crab shack" where the main body of the restaurant is outside, on a deck, on the bay. Main dishes are crabs, crabs, and crabs, with a side of melted butter/vinegar and extra old bay, and any lite beer you can imagine. Yummy.
Maryland: lacrosse and crabcakes
by theoneandolnyxander September 05, 2009
Best state ever! To be a true Marylander you got to at least like crabs little bit. We have Maryland accents and farms are in your neighborhood or are near one unless you live in the city. The city is ghetto and kind of dirty but only a half hour to an hour away depending on where you live. Maryland girls go to the mall a lot and can be found wearing hollister and aeropostale. Most marylanders are republicans. We get all types of weather here. us marylanders are cool people!
Girl 1: I live in Maryland
Girl 2: no way! That's so cool! I wanna live here!
Girl 1: you should. Harford county rocks!
Girl 2: (moves to harford county) this place is awesome!
Girl 1: I know! Let's go to the mall!
by eesingz48 August 23, 2011
I was born in MD, and while it is my birthstate and I love it there, I'm happy I live in Arizona now.

Batilmore (pronounced locally, Balamer)has really gone to hell with the heroin problem. The Inner Harbor has nothing really there too do except eat some Maryland crab, or go to the ESPN zone. Home to the Baltimore Orioles who haven't really posted a respectable season since 1998, and the Baltimore Ravens who were really good, then turned into crap.

Annapolis is the Capitol of Maryland, not Baltimore, but there's nothing really interesting there unless you're into sailing and The Navy.

Hagerstown (my Birthplace) isn't filled with a bunch of hick, redneck, racist bastards, it's just the little towns that surround it like Sharpsburg and Clearspring are. However, once you get west of Frostburg, you're on your own amigo, even I never went that far west. There's nothing really in Hagerstown except for the Valley Mall and...well the Valley Mall. Also called "the Hub City" becuase it is at the intersection of two Interstates, I-70 and I-81, which means you'll probably go through Hagerstown at least once.

Washington D.C. is like Baltimore on a bigger scale. Security is everywhere, especially the Metro. Home to crooked politicians that will do anything to keep the country safe. Also home to a Baseball team (Washington Nationls), a football team (Redskins), a soccer team (D.C. United) a hockey team (Washington Captials) Ollie the goalie is really popular not just in DC but in all of Maryland. And DC 101, the best Radio station in Maryland.

Well too be honest I love Maryland, and while I've had my best and worst times of my life in that tiny state so far, I can never truly leave it, even if now I live 3,000 miles to the west.
I can't like it, I can't hate it, but I do love it--Maryland.
by CWL July 08, 2006
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