I was born in MD, and while it is my birthstate and I love it there, I'm happy I live in Arizona now.

Batilmore (pronounced locally, Balamer)has really gone to hell with the heroin problem. The Inner Harbor has nothing really there too do except eat some Maryland crab, or go to the ESPN zone. Home to the Baltimore Orioles who haven't really posted a respectable season since 1998, and the Baltimore Ravens who were really good, then turned into crap.

Annapolis is the Capitol of Maryland, not Baltimore, but there's nothing really interesting there unless you're into sailing and The Navy.

Hagerstown (my Birthplace) isn't filled with a bunch of hick, redneck, racist bastards, it's just the little towns that surround it like Sharpsburg and Clearspring are. However, once you get west of Frostburg, you're on your own amigo, even I never went that far west. There's nothing really in Hagerstown except for the Valley Mall and...well the Valley Mall. Also called "the Hub City" becuase it is at the intersection of two Interstates, I-70 and I-81, which means you'll probably go through Hagerstown at least once.

Washington D.C. is like Baltimore on a bigger scale. Security is everywhere, especially the Metro. Home to crooked politicians that will do anything to keep the country safe. Also home to a Baseball team (Washington Nationls), a football team (Redskins), a soccer team (D.C. United) a hockey team (Washington Captials) Ollie the goalie is really popular not just in DC but in all of Maryland. And DC 101, the best Radio station in Maryland.

Well too be honest I love Maryland, and while I've had my best and worst times of my life in that tiny state so far, I can never truly leave it, even if now I live 3,000 miles to the west.
I can't like it, I can't hate it, but I do love it--Maryland.
by CWL July 08, 2006
Top Definition
The state with the biggest identity crisis in America. Parts of it like DC and Baltimore are extremely ghetto, with two of the top 5 murder rates in the country. Balto is the heroine capital of the world. Suburbs like Potomac are Bethesda are among the richest and most well educated in the country, and populated by lawyers and doctors with preppy rich children who drive Benz's. To the far west, you have the type of hicks that live in West Virginia up in the Appalachian mountains. To the south and the east you have the kind of hicks you might find in Mississippi. In Ocean City you have retired people who decided to go live on the beach. Around the bay area, you have a lot of fisherman. Maryland may be mixed up, but the crabs are damn good.
Q: What do you get when you mix a drug dealer, a mass murderer, a nascar driver and a fisherman?

A: A Marylander
by murrrrrland December 20, 2004
I'm from Maryland. We're not from the South, nor do we have an accent. We're also not New England, we're the Mid Atlantic. It's soda, not pop. It's a sub, not a hoagie. It's the beach not the shore and we drink water not "Wooder". It's acceptable to say "where y'all goin?" in short of "where are you going?" It's pizza not pie. It's DC not Washington. We know what bad traffic really looks like, how to use a traffic circle, and how to pump our own gas. We know what and where the Naval Academy is. It's not unusual to eat at a resturant with no shirts, no shoes, and your boat parked out front. We love crabs, corn, and beer. There is no place like it.
Harford county rocks!
by anonymous April 21, 2005
A little bit of everywhere else, plus an ass ton of Old Bay seasoning.
Maryland is the only place where you can purchase Old Bay flavored potato chips.
by mandarinmarie August 29, 2005
America in minature. There is basically nothing in america that won't also be found in maryland. we have the rich and the poor, farmland, beaches, cities, oceans, and bays, republicans and democrats, anything you name it. We have the orioles and the ravens who kick butt most of the time. Baltimore, which might as well be the capital, is the stronghold of maryland. in baltimore you will notice an accent that is different from the rest of the people in maryland cause yes we do say stuff like wooder instead of water. o yea, and if you live in maryland and don't eat the famous crabs, you are considered to be weird. in short, maryland is the best state to live in if you want to experience america.
person 1: i want to live in one place but still explore all of america
person 2: o just move to maryland then.
by maryland chica May 17, 2005
an awesome state that isn't too hick-filled, but not all snotty like other states up north.
maryland is the illest state
by Spamee February 03, 2004
Where the crabs are damn good, where the "Hood" is in a suburb, where one of the richest counties is 20 minutes away from D.C., where D.C. is D dot C dot, where the UMD Terrapins will smash anybody, where there is a tree every two feet and where you can be shot(B-more) 30 minutes away from a bougie neighborhood.
Mo County and B-Ville STAND UP!!
by PB Panther-ette July 23, 2005
Seventh state admitted to Union. Population, ~5.5 million. Has one of the country's largest metro areas (Baltimore-Washington corridor), one of the larger public universities in the country (UMD), and once proud sports franchises (Orioles). Has a dual identity, as it's both a Mid-Atlantic state and a Southern state, because it's south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
"The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale / Somebody tell these Maryland Governors to be for real." - Gil Scott-Heron
by madprophetridx June 20, 2003
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