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a super spunky, energetic, crazy, short, blonde girl who has lots of friends and love to run around and scream: sometimes runs into walls( frequently actually)
is loved by all the guys becauise of her super hottness, and is friends with all of the girls becuase of how loyal and trustworthy she is.
Tonight, i'm going to be like a Maryann!
by m-ers April 02, 2009
maryann is a spontaneous, fun, crazy, beautiful, well liked, sexy, sultry, naughty, girly girl, has her own style, diva, one of a kind, good in bed, nice lips, nasty, direct, talkative, and all around gorgeous. if u get ahold of one, keep her!!! not very many of them around!!
guys like her because of her confidence and nature. if you're with a maryann, you will never be bored. she will keep you guessing and will keep you on your toes. exciting times are with a maryann!!! enjoy it while you can!!!
by badass89 February 06, 2010
sweet dance moves that are hard to preform
Check out her MaryAnns.
by fkdal January 30, 2008
mary ann is a special kind of girl/ minute the smokin' hot smoky seductress of your dirtiest dreams; the next, the giggly, guileless girl next door. She's sweet, sassy, enigmatic, with a come hither side glance that inspires your deepest, animal nature. She smells like cinnamon and sex. You want her endlessly. Lose yourself in her timeless gaze.
Come on, mary, I've been totally girl-handled & mary anned.
by Whatisis August 19, 2011
the act of throwing your long hair back off your shoulders, spinning your head around, and inadvertantly walking into the wall
That hottie just pulled a maryann.
by The Summit January 17, 2008
A gorgeous midget who can bring out the best in anyone. She has a lovely wee smile and the most amazing personality don't let her go
You're a lovely girl Mary Ann
by Dodgermcc1 October 23, 2013
Asking completely off the wall silly questions like "So turn your inbuilt mic around on your laptop, so I can see whats on your screen!"...
O god! Dont do a Maryann!!!
by MagickFox November 23, 2011
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