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To ingest cocaine instead of food, resulting in the loss of unwanted, or in some cases, wanted, pounds.
Jiminy: Mary-Sue sure looks a lot thinner since she started dating Paco.
Jominy: Fuck yeah. He's got her on the Mary-Kate diet. Nothing but white lines, mirrors, and blow-jobs.
by Stickfigure December 10, 2004
regulated selections of intake consisting of cocaine, coffee and cigarettes.
I saw Julio smoking at Starbucks, he's on the Mary-kate diet.
by josh t December 03, 2005
Anorexia or an eating disorder, Mary-Kate Olsen,Olsen Twins, bulimia, starvation, not eating to lose weight
She lost a ton of weight, she must be on the Mary-Kate diet.
by <3 July 04, 2004
A diet wherein you don't ingest anything at all.
The Ethiopan people are on the Mary-Kate Diet.
by Drama_King January 24, 2008