A girl who has just had her virginity take.
Teenage Boy: Yo Mary Poppins.

Teenage Girl 1: (crying hysterically) Leave me alone!

Teenage Girl 2: You slut. Who'd you sleep with?
by Dom Todger May 25, 2009
plural for boob, tit, breast
Zach: Hey Jeff, check out the Mary Poppins on that one!
Jeff: I'd love to squeeze 'em together and make a Mary Poppin!
by Rohit Pathak March 23, 2008
A girl who is interested in you who does not call before she just "pops in" to your pad.

Usually a girl who you are not interested in who's act you consider annoying.
Billy: "So what did you do last night?"

Tommy: "Nothing fun, Mary Poppins stopped by and I was cornered into hanging out with her."
by Aaron Goodyear July 27, 2005
Someone who pops alot of pills.
He does so many Robitussin Cough Gels, everyone calls him Mary Poppins
by Dangerous Dan the DXM Man July 01, 2006
A girl whose pussy is so loose and flobby(probably from being a slut)that she could jump off a building spread her pussy and use her pussy to float down to earth slowly.
Dillon: Did u get any from that chick last night?
Chris: Hells ya i did, but shes pretty much the biggest Mary Poppins ever!
by NiPz Is MyHerO November 11, 2005
slang for droppings of an animal
look at the rabbits mary poppins
by Danger Dave.com January 06, 2005
When a pregnant woman in the midst of labor is giving a guy a blowjob.
Phil: I heard you had a baby last night, Ted.
Ted: Yeah, little girl. And my wife gave me an awesome mary poppins right when the head crowned!
by RWParrisII July 04, 2006

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