A goody-two shoes; an excessively or annoyingly virtuous person. One who abstains from drug use, sex, profanity, or other poor habits.
She doesn't smoke, drink, or curse so she's obviously a Mary Poppins.

I don't want to hang out with a Mary Poppins because she's likely to ruin a party with her good girl manners and butt kissing tendencies.
by doubledotted October 29, 2010
Whenever someone wears white socks with black shoes or black socks with white shoes.
"Aye what up Mary Poppins!"
by Dara Khani June 02, 2012
Mary Poppins is a strain of cannabis created and cultivated by Mykilo Sosa, an activist and connoisseur who currently resides in Northern Indiana. Its true genetics remain a secret, but there are elements of Hashplant (Sensi Seeds), LSD Lifesaver x Deisel Sour(Bog Seed Co.), and various others Mr. Sosa has grown in the past.
Mr. Sosa, why do you call this particular strain of cannabis Mary Poppins?
Well, because its that super-cali-fragilistic-expiali-doja; like some of that real Cali shit!
by Qorn36 December 02, 2010
A woman that likes to give brain in the front seat of the hummer while another man gives it to her up the "Chim Chimminey".
"Dude my friend and I totally pulled a Mary Poppins on that chick last night man!"
by Kathy Najimy March 19, 2009
The sexual act of taking an umbrella and shoving it inside your partner's rectum, then opening it to its for extent. It was first done on accident when, the original Mary Poppins, fell down and shoved it in to John Davis' butt. Then later it was used to clean out people's ass.
Why is Lisa walking so weird?' She got Mary Poppins Last night.
by PudEsParry July 06, 2010
Shoving one's fist into a vagina and then opening the hand up, like an umbrella.
Bobby got his girlfriend, Sue, really drunk, and gave her a Mary Poppins.
by LEBOWSKI99 November 22, 2009
A sexual act consisting of inserting an umbrella into your partner's vagina, and then opening it.
That bitch wanted to use a ball-stretcher on me, so I gave her a Mary Poppins to show her what it was like!
by Honkey Kong October 11, 2007

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