mary-Kate; a girl who wont give up her eating disorder, a girl who is afraid of getting fat, and wont accept the help she needs.
mary-kate; i am scared to get fat so i just wont eat and if i do ill throw it up.
by tokieo November 23, 2007
A beautiful lady who likes to suck dick for hours and lick pussy for days. She is a wonderful, happy, creative individual who deserves only the best. A marykate eventually moves from the UK to the US. A marykate is a great partier and is the queen of perfection. You can't get anyone better and prettier then Marykate. Mkaii is short for Marykate.
Marykate is a sex addict, kinky, wild, lesbian, baby makin', mother fucker.

Mkaii belongs to Alison.
by Iwashereonce. April 28, 2009
my alter ego. the prettiest girl in the world!!!!!!!!!!
wearing big sunglasses makes me so mary-kate.
by nicole April 14, 2005
a "Mary Kate" is an ungrateful spineless bitch that acts alot different in public than she does at home. She happens to be a sweetheart on the outside but a cold hearted bitcg when it comes right down to it. she acts differently around different people and can NOT be trusted.
yeah her parents shouldve just named her mary kate
by angrygirlnnn July 10, 2010
Verb: to induce vomiting when feeling bloated and particularly regretful after bingeing
The party is tomorrow! She's gonna have to "mary kate" that Big Mac if she wants to fit in her dress.
by Richard F the2nd December 28, 2007

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