To vomit profusely or to make yourself vomit. A direct referance to Mary-Kate Olsen's eating disorder.
"That chinese food got the best of me. I might have to go mary-kate that shit up, here in a minute."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005
Top Definition
1. A super sexy smart girl who is your bestie she can be atheletic and indepenednt she is fun loving and can be a crazy hooligan - nothing like mary-kate olsen
2. Some one who is like mk olsen, but there really is only one mary kate olsen
yup. thts my mary kate
by samers101 January 28, 2009
Not at all like a hyphenated Olson twin! Amazing, beautiful, loving, resilient and optimistic. FEARLESS for the sake of fun. Will do most anything for the chance to make a memory of it! Loves passionately and for real. Great secret-keeper and best friend. Kinda wild but entierly loveable. Avoids people named Ashley.
Where were you last night?
Annapolis with Marykate.

Most likely to talk to a stranger?

"Yeah, she 'wet her pants' but she still made it to the party."

Emkay, you are the bestest!
by jennkissin'frogs February 02, 2010
1) an eating-disorder-ridden, indecisive, eager-to-please perfectionist
2) a sweet, unassuming virgin who is most likely quiet and timid, speaking more with noises (hm, oh, mm) and sound bites (fun, sounds good, whatever you want to do) than actual words, often accompanied by excessive eye-lash batting and pursing of lips. see mary with a twist
3. prude, but with sooo much potential i.e. perfection
1) man you couldn’t decide on what food to order and now you're not eating it.... you going mary kate on me?

2a) i dated some britneys but I'm marrying a mary kate
2b) good luck they are a dying breed....

3a) man, all the girls at this party are whores… wait a second, who’s that hottie?
3b) that’s mary kate. she’s gorgeous, but she’s waiting til marriage.
3a) damn.
by mcluvin8485 March 19, 2009
a Mary Kate is an energetic, artistic, fun - loving girl. She has a great smile, and a cute body. She's really into music, and has an extremely unique taste. She's a big-time party girl, and is unafraid to experiment... with ANYTHING. Her clothing choices are even more unique than her taste in music, but be careful. a Mary Kate can be a bit of a poser or attention whore at times, but everyone still loves her.
1: What is Mary Kate wearing?

2: Who knows, she probably just picked it out for attention.

1: I don't care, she looks GOOD!
by gthfk8774 December 28, 2011
to force one's self to puke as in fashion with the olsen twin
i had so much pizza i had to pull a mary-kate, no dumbass i didn't take it up the ass, i puked.
by the February 16, 2005
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