Contrary to popular belief, Mary Jane is the girlfriend of Peter Parker/Spiderman and nothing else.
When are Peter and Mary Jane getting married?
by spidermanman June 23, 2005
a euphemism for Marijuana that no one has ever used and probably never will use
Sgt. Joe Friday: Look, Smith, it's a hopper-head.
Smith: Let's shove a light fixture up his ass and pull out his intestines.
Sgt. Joe Friday: C'mere mama! Tryin' TO PUFF THAT OL' DIGGY DIGGY! The scrim-scim-screw. The tea, see?
Pothead: I'm just smoking the marrrry jane maaaaaaaaaaan.
Smith: He's obviously possessed.
Friday. Let's kill him.
by Zach Block June 24, 2005
'Mary Jane' or 'Mary':

A womans vagina. A small group of women i know dont like any of the words used for this part of the female anatomy and have therefore taken it upon themselves to create a new word to represent it. One that would represent the sanctity and femininity of the female 'piece'. Mary Jane was born.

Bloody Mary - To be 'on the blob
Hail Mary - To have an orgasm
Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow - Generally code sung by women to let a friend know they have bush showing out the side of their bikini!
'She's got a hairy Mary'
'I was on a horse and all the bobbing up and down bruised my Mary Jane'
'He buried his face in my Mary Jane till i screamed Hail Mary!'
'Not tonight love - Unless you want a Bloody Mary'
by Redemo June 23, 2006
can also be used as a word for girl with eating disorders.
poor little mary jane, look at her, shes so thin...
by lauretta September 20, 2005
really means heroine..."one last dance to kill the pain," a lyric that shows its true definition from the generation it came from. after half-baked came out suddenly everyone believed it meant weed.
mary jane is really heroine, not stop acting like a wigger.
by joe December 25, 2004
we are all psychos, stoners, brothers, sisters, we having fun on maryjane on DALnet, /server and type this /join #maryjane and join us
MaryJane on DALnet server /server the best weed stoners drugs hash channel online. join us and have meet stoners
by Alex January 13, 2005
A hot guy, with a big penis. He likes to listen to country music and likes crack or weed, also known as pot. A man or boy with an accent who likes to whestle teddy bears and drink bud light all the time
Damn!He has a huge dick, and a whestles teddy bears, and has an accent, he's defently a Mary Jane!

His dick is small, he is not a Mary Jane!

That boy is a crack head, he's a Mary Jane!
by Candy Mergon December 15, 2005

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