A blow job that involves lots of biting.
Jenny gave me a really stimulating mary jane last night.
by jennyjayy October 11, 2011
"maryjanes © is for beautiful & unique ladies that smoke beautiful & sticky buds! to come together like sisters or a "sorority". sharing pictures of different strains of bud, bongs, pipes, blunts&joints, anything related to marijuana. we promote the legalization of cannabis & it's usage, and the educated women who stand behind it. this is a very exclusive site for safety purposes, profiles are thoroughly looked upon. no fakes! stand up for something you strongly believe in! marijuana is not a drug, but god's gift to the world."
Maryjanes is promoting the legalization of cannabis worldwide~
by Maryjane Moderator March 24, 2010
1. Character out of Spiderman 1, 2 and 3.
2. A name.
Watch the Spiderman Movies. The movie includes Mary Jane
by Johnny 'Steel' Steelmen December 30, 2008
its a code word for weed
yo, give me a hit on that mary jane
by Tanveer January 02, 2006
Girls' or women's shoes, usually in black patent leather, with flat soles, a round toe, and a single, thick strap across the top.
In the early '90s, she wore maryjanes with her flannels, nirvana t-shirts, and jeans.
by daiwaaa August 26, 2005
1. a weed
2. a song of 213's "The Hard Album"
213 'Mary Jane'
She's my beauty queen
She's my everything
by tha blazer February 03, 2005
the guy above said it all. It's a slang term for Marijuana.
by Lil Bo March 11, 2003
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