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1. Character out of Spiderman 1, 2 and 3.
2. A name.
Watch the Spiderman Movies. The movie includes Mary Jane
by Johnny 'Steel' Steelmen December 30, 2008
14 19
its a code word for weed
yo, give me a hit on that mary jane
by Tanveer January 02, 2006
69 78
Girls' or women's shoes, usually in black patent leather, with flat soles, a round toe, and a single, thick strap across the top.
In the early '90s, she wore maryjanes with her flannels, nirvana t-shirts, and jeans.
by daiwaaa August 26, 2005
91 121
1. a weed
2. a song of 213's "The Hard Album"
213 'Mary Jane'
She's my beauty queen
She's my everything
by tha blazer February 03, 2005
27 63
the guy above said it all. It's a slang term for Marijuana.
by Lil Bo March 11, 2003
44 88
a very unfortunate person who was named after weed
some person who feels sorry:shiiiiiiit i hella feel sorry for mary jane
some dumb ass : I wonder if her can sell me some
by porpus June 22, 2005
33 86
Contrary to popular belief, Mary Jane is the girlfriend of Peter Parker/Spiderman and nothing else.
When are Peter and Mary Jane getting married?
by spidermanman June 23, 2005
101 157