Mary Jane is the drug version of a prostitute — she costs a lot, she can satisfy you for a couple hours, and then she's gone and you're left wanting more.
Sometimes that bitch gets expensive, but I'll always love Mary Jane.
by FishFooood February 02, 2011
Spider-Man's girlfriend.
Peter Parker opens the door and sees MJ.
Mary Jane: "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot."
by Crater0 May 24, 2010
a nickname for marijuana
is the subject of a song titled Mary Jane by Hollywood hip-hop artist- Shwayze

Her name was Mary Jane,
She sang, like Etta James,
She came and went to easily.
And it's strange, how times are changed,
I seen Mary yesterday, and she,
Don't look the same to me.

Also referenced to in the greenday song Jesus of Suburbia
To fall in love, we fall in debt
To alcohol and cigarettes
And the mary jane, to keep me insane

Doing someone else's cocaine
My Cat..that smokes catnip joints!
Roll Mary Jane some catnip!
by Waynes sexy girl August 15, 2009
A green plant that loves to share her love around. #weed #420 #toke #maryjane
Got Mary Jane on you mate, we'll smoke it later
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
slang expression for Marijuana popular because it allows songwriters to personalise something dear to them
As in: Mary Jane is in my mind again
She brings me dreams
And gets me high again
Lets me know
That I should just let go
Of all the troubles in my life again
by Songwriter1 April 19, 2013
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by Maryjane Moderator March 24, 2010

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