Another name for Marijuanna.
Some singers use it in their songs
'To fall in love and fall in debt
to alcohol and cigarette
and Mary Jane'
- Jesus of Surbubia by Green Day
by March 18, 2008
another word for weed.
police officer: are you smoking marijuana in there, sir?

stoner: no man, i'm just hangin with my girl mary jane.

police officer: where is she?

stoner: in my pocket *walks away*
by kbabbyyy July 11, 2009
Mary Jane is the hottest girl you will ever meet. She is very sweet and extremely lovable. shes funny and she will have the cutest laugh ever. If you meet a mary jane keep her forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and make her your best friend or your girlfriend!
Omg that mary jane is sooo hot! i love her
by mzhvl; December 29, 2011
its marijuana. and why so many names for it too? because then we can talk of smoking it with out suspision of authority figures.
see:pot weed grass leafpurple haze stoned baked
my buddies on that 70's show smoke alot of mary jane. and i know why!
by emy b April 22, 2007
1-a girls name

2-another name for pot
c-krizzle: dude i got sum stuff in my pocket
loco T: you stole some mary jane!?
c-krizzle: hellz yea boi, we gettin high as LeBron James
loco T: sweeeeeet.
by bloods OG March 13, 2008
a slang for marijuana.
man you got that sweet mary jane
by appleface February 19, 2008
1. one of many slang terms for marijuana.

2. a hit song by Rick James.

3. a hard candy (honest!). It can be found in nostalgic catalogs such as that of the Vermont Country Store.
1. Mary Jane is a very popular girl. I was at a Pink Floyd concert and sure enough she was there! The smoke got all over our clothes and hair. I never saw so much grass smoking in my life.

2. I saw Rick James and his Stone City Band ("stone", get it?) on the Dick Clark show on TV. They performed "Mary Jane". I was VERY young at the time, not even a teenager yet and I could tell that this wasn't simply a love song, this was about toking.

3. When I paged thru a catalog my mom got in the mail I saw 2 pages featuring old fashioned candy. There was Mary Jane hard candy. I got the giggling fits over that.

4. Mary Jane is the girl for me. I'm good to her and she is good to me....

5. Mareee Jayyynnee...
by Star Roqer July 05, 2009

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