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a singer coming from Bronx...the queen of hip-hop soul....she is well kown and respected in the biz.She released 7 albums...the newest is the breakthrough which has sold in nearly 3 millions copies world wide.
Mary J Blige
real love
be without you
family affair
no more drama
you remind me
by justine1988 July 23, 2006
A highly successful Singer from Yonkers New York who, along with super producer Sean "Puffy" Combs, originated the style of music known as Hip Hop Soul. She came to fame in the 90's and is often compared to great soul singers such as Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan due to her raw emotive style of singing.

Also known as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul.
When I'm having a rough day, I'll put on some Mary J. Blige and that makes it better. That and a drink.
by Garland December 25, 2007
What insecure white kids call marijuana, this is a break off of the common expression "mary jane". although humorous this expression is fucking stupid
charlie white boy: sell me an ounce of that sweet mary j blige
Dealer: What the fuck cracker?
by some nigga! March 25, 2012
Cunning and discrete way of informing or alerting other people in the group that you or any other party is having a spliff
Dude, John's totally got some mary J Blige Blazin outside, He'll be a while
by JRDoobie April 08, 2009
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