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Definition: verb: beautiful: usually ending with the surname Hayman, this kind of mary can be very beautiful and very amazing given the right amount of time. A Mary Hayman is the kind of girl who is completly perfect in every way and is there even when you cant see her because if you just look up, you'll see her shining brighter than the rest. When she smiles your going to smile, theres no doubt, when she laughs, well lets just say a Mary Hayman can attract massive audiences with it. But when she cries, it's like the whole world stops and you have to be there and look after that, because if you do, the love you get back is outstanding. It takes a big amount of luck for one to come into your life, but when you do get one, use this simple phrase a lot: I LOVE YOU. Because she enjoys the little things, so make her smile :) Mostly a Mary Hayman can be very funny and witty, can be a bit mental if you leave her to do things by herself so give her all the love and attention she needs. Has a cat called floyd and a dog called cleo to help her with her history. Most people cannot find a Mary Hayman, usually found in my arms, and if anybody tries to take her, she can have a hot temper and will bite. She is so unique and beautiful in her own ways that heaven doesnt even compare to this girl, and as there is only one of her and shes in my arms, I class myself as the luckiest guy alive....
Faggot 1: WWOOOAAAHH !

Faggot 2: what you WOOAAHHing at?
Faggot 1: Check that mary hayman how beautiful can she be !

Faggot 2: I agree, id tap that
Me: Right you smelly faggots, back off because she's mine and nobody elses

Faggot 1: daaaayuuum !

Faggot 2: Lucky prick ....
by DannyBuoooy March 02, 2010
45 50
1. The girl who is always perfect and can do no wrong ever.

2. A term of endearment

3. When at a party/club and you forget someones name it is acceptable to call them "Mary". This only works if the indivudal is a woman, transvestite, drag queen, or homosexual man.
1. "Jesus! Mary could burn the fucking house down and get a medal for it."

2. "Oh I love you too Mary!!!!"

3. "Hey Mary where's the bathroom?" "Down the hall and to the left you saucy bitch"
by Mary Evyone Crenshaw January 02, 2011
25 33
A name gay men use to refer to each other. It was used extensively in 1960's Greenwitch Village to piss off the cops.
Also, while crusing, it's an inconspicuous way to ask someone if there up for it.
"Mary, you look FABULOUS"
"Hey, Mary! quit eatan so many donuts, you fat fuck!!"
"Hey Mary, you lookin for a good night?"
by Hormona August 17, 2006
441 454
Taking a shit. An especially dirty one at that.
I'll be right back, I got to go take a mary.
by such an asshole June 11, 2011
15 37
The subject of many fictional stories.
Person A: Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.
Mary: Dear boy, you must have me mistaken. I don't have a lamb nor do I ever intend on getting one.

Person B: Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?
Mary: Terribly, I live in the city. Where do you expect this garden to be?

Person C: Did you have a baby while a virgin, too?
Mary: No, and neither did she.
by utterlyMary January 11, 2010
37 62
Name given usually to catholic girls/women. Although the name denotes purity, they are usually the skankiest whores around. Women with this name usually have a sweet shell which is only hiding the snake within. Usually homely and not very pretty to look at, Mary's are very good at changing their personalities depending on who they are with. Women with this name cannot be trusted and should be kicked in the genitals at first sight.
-Hey, who's that girl with your boyfriend?
-We're not dating anymore. And that's Mary, she whored her way into his bed last night.


-Wow, look at that slut dancing on the bar. She's kinda ugly, I bet her name is Mary.
by drdoonlittle July 13, 2012
4 30
Some ratty whore who steals guys from everyone.
She enjoys annoying people older than her.
She doesn't know the definition of mature.
She also needs to stop trying to get all the attention.
Person 1:Hey where's Mary?
Person 2: She's fucking Gigi's boyfriend over there
Person 1: Why would she do that?
Person 2: Because, SHE'S MARY!
by yes.no1818 January 06, 2013
2 30