Marvin is a guy you could trust. He will always keep your secrets and will always have your back. He will fall in live with girls that were born in the month of may days from 1-15.

Girls that are destined to be with a Marvin and have a happy life usually have a name that starts with an "L"

A Marvin is always worth a chance and will never let you down. He will always be faithful and be with you until the end.

In shorter words he is the perfect boyfriend don't let him go.!
by Ommmmgggggg November 25, 2012
The crevice on the penis where the head of the penis meets the shaft of the penis.

Background Info:
Well on urban dictionary to marvin someone is to slap them in the face with the head of your penis.
Remember to clean your marvin everyday
by mrjones0223 May 03, 2010
The midget that lives in your basement. He likes tiny scissors and ribbons and eats sausage gravy.
marvin the midget
by ello guvnor November 12, 2010
The cousin of a famous individual

First found in Back to the Future (1985) with Marvin Berry calling his cousin Chuck Berry to inform him of Marty playing a "cool sound"
George? This is Marvin!
Marvin Clooney! Your cousin! Now listen--I think this is the film you're looking for
by nxaw91 December 11, 2010
An all day drinking session. (Marvin Gayer - All Dayer)
Come on, you boring twat, let's go on a Marvin down Margate.
by BazBessarion August 27, 2008
1.The act of giving a frontal wedgy other known as a Marvin.

2. When one applies extreme upward thrusting by yanking the front of someone's undergarments forcing a frontal wedgy and resulting in a camel toe of the gonads.
That jerk gave me a Marvin. It took me a week to get rid of my male camel toe!
by Flamingowp April 01, 2011
To be at an extreme state of intense hunger. Derived from Starvin' Marvin, the famished little african boy from the TV show South Park.
Man... I'm marvin hardcore from some food right now... I'm about to go look through the trash.

Thank god for this cheezeburger! I'm MARVIN!
by TheChrza January 05, 2011

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