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Just about the coolest middle name in the world.
Lydia Maru, get down off of that table this instant!
by rancidmonkey May 26, 2003
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The Japaneese word for "circle".
The maru is the equivalent of a check mark; it indicates correct answers, decisions, etc.
The opposite is batsu, or "X".
If you want to draw Kirby, you need to start with a maru.


In Kirby's Dream Land 3, you need to get a maru three times to pass the minigames. If you make a mistake, you'll get a batsu and fail.
by kaminarikid July 09, 2009
the coolest cat on youtube; who likes boxes even when he can't fit inside them.
"Maru loves his box."
"Did you see Maru trying to get in that box? Crazy cat."
by paolo33 May 08, 2013
to be jeet
that kid's maru as hell, bro
by unstablemolecule November 10, 2003
A racial slur ususally reserved for someone of Asian descent.
That guy is good at math, he must be a maru.
by Harmin June 09, 2006
An Asian racial slur, popular use in the midwest.
Look at those slit eyes, I bet that maru eats a lot of rice.
by Harmin June 11, 2006
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