A common nickname given to people by the name of Martin. Marty's often times tend to manage to cock-block themselves. Most Marty's resemble famous people on the internet, and make failhearts. Marty's have natural 8-pacs, yet their nipple are small like shriveled raisins. Marty's aren't the best drinkers, so if you ever see one at a party, make sure he doesn't drown in his own vommit (A common technique to prevent this would be to forcefully gag him with your fingers). Badass Marty's usually have badass friends too which is badass, badass.
Damn, Marty really needs to clean his hat. It looks like some one crapped on it.

I liked that kids mohawk...too bad he cut it off. I almost though he was a Marty.
by A Badass Friend October 21, 2010
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To lag or make excuses while refraining/abstaining from consuming an alcoholic beverage.
Boy Dave is sure Martying that jack & coke.

by adillhole February 04, 2009
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Shortened form of the word martyrdom, used in the Xbox 360 and PC game Call of Duty 4 to express disgust for the use of the "martyrdom perk" in which a downed enemy drops a live grenade upon death, often catching the unwitting killer in the blast. Players often whine about this game mechanic as unfair but are usually quickly met with the counter argument that it is indeed part of the game and that if they cannot handle COD4, they should go play World of Warcraft.
"Ha! You walked right over my marty grenade!"
"Damn marty nade! Get rid of that noob perk!"
"Whine some more, maybe they'll remove it in the next update. Fat chance, if you can't handle the heat, go play WoW nub."
by Alan Didion June 12, 2008
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"Hey Jenny! Are you trying to marty today?!"
"Bill... it's only 7AM"
"I know! That's the point of a marty!"
by btt15 September 06, 2016
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