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1. A common expression for when a man slowly inserts his penis into a woman's vagina and after full penetration holds thrust for a full ten second count while staring deeply into "his" women's eyes before reverse thrusting as fast as humanly possible without ejaculating.

2. When a woman is begging for a penis, so you tease her with one single pump, for a solid 10 seconds.

3. The act of a man tricking a woman into believing he is going to have sex with her only to pull out after a single ten second thrust.

4. The daring action of a one pump chump

5. The pregame ritual made famous by the 2009 undefeated championship Terriers wiffleball team
1. Neil: Were you wearing your swishy pants last night?
Marty: Yeah, best decision I've ever made!
Neil: Why is that?
Marty: Cuz she was BEGGING for it
Neil: Did you give it to her?
Marty: I held in there for ten full seconds
Neil: Wow you must be a legend...that's gotta be the longest anyones ever one pumped a girl
Marty: Well lets just say no woman can resist the feeling of a Marty pump-fake.

2. Never Marty pump-fake a girl from the bottom, I unfortunately found out the hard way.

3. Big D: I Marty pump-faked the shit out of her...right in the assss!

4. Erick: Did you bring condoms to the party?
Nick: No of course not, what do I look like a fag?
Erick: That doesn't sound safe
Nick: Don't worry I pull out I just give her the old Marty pump-fake...
Erick: Oh the old Marty pump-fake, safest sex practice known to man
by Terriers2009 January 06, 2013
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