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aka "Maricón"

and its derivative words marica and marico are words used for referring to someone as a gay man, or for criticizing someone for doing something that, according to stereotypes, only a gay person would do. In Spain the word has a stronger meaning with a very negative emphasis; akin to "faggot" or "poof" in the English language. In southern Spain the term maricona refers to a male gay queen; which is often used humorously. Especially in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, maricón or marica are used to denote a "chicken" (coward), and it is not considered an expletive.
1.Marty Fienen has no life and should just go back to being a maricon.
2."Marty Fienen" is a true disgrace to his family's name(father, grandfather, and great grandfather all named Marty John Fienen)which they proudly carried until the youngest-"Marty John Fienen IV" turned out to be a true "maricon." How embarrassing for those old school guys. I'm sure they're real proud though. Especially since he did it as a boy whore for money. It wasn't even for love. It was for M3's.

See- others feel the same. Look what I found by searching with "martin & marty" See below:
"Maricon" or "Martin"
1. A martin/maricon is someone who likes men and gets picked on in the locker room somewhat like a nerd.
2. Disliked, usually a guy.
If my name was martin my butthole would be loose.
tags loose butt hole homosexual nerd
by ALessel My House Nov 24, 2006
"Peter Puffer"
One who smokes pole.
"Marty" or "Maricon" is a peter puffer.
by FAQ2 Feb 23, 2004
#person that is confused about his sexuality which in turn makes him #angry #intolerant #obsessive #naggy #also dangerous with intent to hurt #patholgical liar #violent #manipulating #schemeing #disgrace to humanity #infected penis #short #ugly #arrogant #two faced #deteriorating soul #lost & confused #psychotic #very physically and mentally abusive #corrupt excuse of a man that cannot leave people that hate him most alone. one that sabotages relationships with anyone that cares about him #and is his own worse enemy. someone with few friends b/c he looses them all by betraying them #or scaring them off. but they won't admit that to him b/c who wants to be on this guy's bad side- he'll never go away then. a true menace to society. a true coward who beats up on old guys and girlfriends due to sexuality confusion. next will be his kids- if he can find anyone who will accept him.
by JNzPuss January 24, 2007
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