One of the founders of the Protestant branch of Christianity. He criticized many practices of the Catholic Church during his lifetime. Not to be confused with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Person1: Martin Luther had a dream that his four little children...
Person2: No, you're thinking Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism.
by SomeSpamName January 19, 2009
Top Definition
Founder of Protestantism and bestselling author of On The Jews and their Lies (seriously a real book, just look on Wikipedia). And P.B.S. really likes him.
Martin Luther is the big daddy of Protestantism.
by Ryan Patrick Rafiel LaHiff May 25, 2007
cool dude who turned over the whole religious establishment based on a belief that faith, not rules got you into heaven. Did his best writing in the loo, and taught about prayer from the barber shop. Now how cool is that
Martin Luther started the reformation which lead to protestant Christianity.
by -pastormom April 20, 2006
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