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One sexy-ass mofo of a BAMF.
Fuck you, he won a BAFTA!
Often likened to a hedgehog.
Who's that guy made of kittens holding that pot of jam?
Oh that's just Martin Freeman....
by JAWWWWWN February 14, 2012
227 12
A British actor well-known for his work in The Office and his upcoming role as Bilbo in the Hobbit. He also plays John Watson in the recent BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and is made of kittens.
He goes fast.
Martin Freeman.
by brasshelix March 01, 2011
484 23
Aw, look at that cute Martin Freeman!
by stormageddon April 30, 2012
172 36
(noun)-A hedgehog made out of Kittens, Jam and RAGE.
"Man, I really hate Martin Freeman"
"Fuck you, he won a BAFTA"
by The Webthropolgist September 08, 2013
59 1
the perfect baby B)))
Person 1: martin freeman
Person 2: martin freeman ? who's that ?
Person 1: KILL
by martinfreeman.dingusofmyheart April 21, 2013
50 6