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Martika is a Cuban-American actress and singer. Born Marta Marerro, her Cuban-immigrant parents put her into show business. She began her career as a lead in the children's television program "Kids Incorperated". In 1988 CBS records signed her to a record deal hoping she would be the next Madonna. Her first album, "Martika," had hits with the songs "More Than You Know," "I Feel the Earth Move" and "Toy Soldiers". The latter is considered her biggest hit.

In 1991 she released her second album, "Martika's Kitchen," which was co-produced and co-written by Prince. Hit singles surfaced in the title track and the power-ballad "Love...Thy Will be Done". A world tour followed. In the mid-90's she starred as Dhalia Mendez on the television show "Wiseguys".

She faded into obscurity until the late 1990's when a new album called "The Journey" began circulating in mp3 format. It was never released.

In 2003 she formed the goth-pop duo "Oppera", and released two albums: "Oppera" and "Violince"
"Martika is a very famous singer."
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006
An awesome girl that is the perfect compliment to her boyfriend. She knows the proper times to joke around, and the times to buckle down and get shit done. She is the CEO of a robotics team and is an excellent leader. She loves to cuddle, and is good at it too. However, she can kick the shit out of anyone who threatens her or her friends. She plays tennis like a boss, at night! She is extremely attractive and sexy with a perfect body, a cute smile and soft hair.

P.S. I already know this isn't being published. So, fuck you UrbanDictionary. Fuck you and all of your gay ass editors. I hope you all burn in the eternal flames of hell. Stop publishing stupid definitions that are submitted by faggots like your editors.

Love you Martika! <3 <3 <3
Guy 1: Dude, you look like shit
Guy 2: Yeah, I was joking with Martika and we ended up not getting any sleep and playing tennis all night.
Guy 1: Sounds fun. I wish I had a Martika. All I have is a stupid Casey.
by The Only Clugg June 09, 2013
the ability to lie and get away with it as well as the ability to ge pregnant on command just to tie down a person that you may not want but will try to keep with false i love yous and pregnancy. the ability to swinle one out of all personal possesions as well as friendships through powers of manipulation.
that girl went all martika and pulled out a positive pregnancy test to get a bigger bank account!!!
by darkprincess01 May 18, 2010
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