a person who cooks cookies for Peter and Ryan.
Are you Martha Stewart?
by fasdfsn January 23, 2013
the evil old wicket bitch of the northeast
by David Gomez August 04, 2003
Surely as much an epitome of the American Dream as Donld Trump? And fuck those SEC charges, that's all part of the American Dream.
I wish my dick was 3 inches longer so I could take on Martha Stewart.
by notapaki August 10, 2003
After a One-Night Stand the Male reaches over wipes his Pecker and sack off on her curtains and leaves the house after making a sandwich.
Jimmy went to the club and picked that girl up once and pulled the Martha Stewart.
by lipstick out February 23, 2010
Pulling out of something right before it mess up or fails.
Dude, You just pulled a Martha Stewart back there!
by KanseiFC April 25, 2004
A sweet old rich bitch I would like to screw and get money from.
I had sex with Martha Stewart and now I have access to the petty cash.
from what ive seen on saturday night live, i must say...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Run for your lives!
by Jay C October 02, 2003

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