from what ive seen on saturday night live, i must say...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Run for your lives!
by Jay C October 02, 2003
just another Democrat(billionaire)
oh those poor liberals...quick gas-station boy,hand over your paycheck to help save Martha,Bill Gates and Phil Knight
an old women that makes crafts and a home things for family pople. she ha a cooking show too.
Go suck on martha stewarts sagg tities, and become a millionaire!
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
a person who cooks cookies for Peter and Ryan.
Are you Martha Stewart?
by fasdfsn January 23, 2013
After a One-Night Stand the Male reaches over wipes his Pecker and sack off on her curtains and leaves the house after making a sandwich.
Jimmy went to the club and picked that girl up once and pulled the Martha Stewart.
by lipstick out February 23, 2010
1) 21st century entrepreneur whose failed personal life spawned a successful career in life style television.

2) An act of defecation related revenge. When thoroughly aggravated by a friend or loved one, discreetly remove a towel or sheet from the bottom of their linen closet. Carefully unfold said article, take a hearty steaming shit, refold to conceal fecal surprise, and replace at the bottom of the pile. Typically the "Martha Stewart" is not discovered until the entire closet smells like a Tijuana whorehouse.
1) I hope the SEC violates Martha Stewart in the ass with a lead pipe for her insider trading.

2) The guy working at the GAP was a real asshole so I pulled a "Martha Stewart" on a pair of jeans out on display near the counter he was working. I folded and replaced them, so I hope he has a pleasant smelling afternoon.
by Ted June 16, 2003
Pulling out of something right before it mess up or fails.
Dude, You just pulled a Martha Stewart back there!
by KanseiFC April 25, 2004

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