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a person who cooks cookies for Peter and Ryan.
Are you Martha Stewart?
by fasdfsn January 23, 2013
8 0
Surely as much an epitome of the American Dream as Donld Trump? And fuck those SEC charges, that's all part of the American Dream.
I wish my dick was 3 inches longer so I could take on Martha Stewart.
by notapaki August 10, 2003
42 36
the evil old wicket bitch of the northeast
by David Gomez August 04, 2003
41 35
After a One-Night Stand the Male reaches over wipes his Pecker and sack off on her curtains and leaves the house after making a sandwich.
Jimmy went to the club and picked that girl up once and pulled the Martha Stewart.
by lipstick out February 23, 2010
5 3
Pulling out of something right before it mess up or fails.
Dude, You just pulled a Martha Stewart back there!
by KanseiFC April 25, 2004
13 12
A sweet old rich bitch I would like to screw and get money from.
I had sex with Martha Stewart and now I have access to the petty cash.
27 29
from what ive seen on saturday night live, i must say...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Run for your lives!
by Jay C October 02, 2003
13 21