A seemingly delicious treat made from sprinkles inside mini marshallows inside larger marshmallows.
"Do we have marshmallows for the campout tonight?"

"No, Kara took them all so she could make Marshmallow Surprise."
by GS 882 August 23, 2008
Top Definition
A sex act where midway through intercourse the male defecates into a sock and shoves it into the females mouth.
guy: dude I gave my girlfriend a marshmallow surprise
guy2: nasty
by [Nex] February 22, 2009
Filling a pillow-case with cum and beating your friends face with it while they're asleep
Brad: Yo, dude. Jackson has been such a cunt lately...how do I fix it?
Johan: Give him a marshmallow surprise
Brad: What's that?
Johan: Grab a pillow-case and a camera, this is going to be epic
by frootyloopyinthebooty June 09, 2016
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