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A mentally disturbed mascot of Fluffy puff Marshmellows. Took a bite out of himself. He'll scare your dad.
"What more do they want!!!"
by JADGUY November 13, 2003
That's capital M then arshie. He's going this way. Marshie went that way. He's a fluffety and puffety marshmellow who Homestar advertises for. He advises you to keep some marshmellows in your pocket for "secret eating!" and some under your pillow for "sleepy time." Don't you like him! Kids ask for him by name.
He's "made from the best stuff!"
by stong bahd June 10, 2003
He's Fluffity, he's Puffity!
(no, really, he's an annoying marshmallow that is the mascott of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows)
I hate that fweakin' marshmallow.
by Stiffy March 05, 2004
the mascot of fluffy puff marshmellows
(i hate that freaking marshmellow)
by joyrock August 26, 2003
Seriously fucked up marshmallow that's going to have sent me to psychotherapy for years.
1930s Homestar referring to Marshie: "That monster gone give me nightmares."
by sux0r February 03, 2008
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