A.K.A MarshVegas or THe waiting room to hell, a quiet town, but is quite possibly the closest thing to the real veags, being corrupt and insane in nature, most veags children have evil inbedded in there minds,everyone who lives there is screwed up, but they have great times and always live it up sober or not there's always laughter, unfortunatly like one of the other definitions there are some folk of marshfeild that are overly dramatic, drama is a big probalem with the town, they can usually be spotted as either in hick form "a hank" or in wigga form "that clown who drives the suburban like he's king shit" but the chill people in the town really dont pay attention so fi you know the right people the town is awmsome, visitors will enjoythemselves during the summer festivities
Five secounds of Marshfield
Teen #1: "dude what if we took that corner at 80 mph"
Teen # 2 : "we'd probably spin out"
Teen # 3 : *in backseat, says with jokingly high voice*
"if the turn scares ya can hold onto my dinky"
Teen 1 and 2: *laughs*
Teen # 3: fuck it lets go to wendy's
Teen #4: yo whens MarshVegas LIVE coming back on?
Teen # 2 "depends on when polish and ching-CHang come back"
all teens laugh.......
by Shaun McCarthy March 20, 2006
A small town on Massachusett's south shore. The home to many poor whitetrash meatsticks who like to take horse steroids and go around asking "Does anyone want to fight me?". The only good thing in this town is Wendy's, but the rest could easily be anihilated without regret.
Frank: Dude, your white. Stop walkin around with saggy pants and a crooked hat with ur sleeves rolled up. What are you a whigger or just from Marshfield?
by Twenty Three-Six April 18, 2005
Marshfield is a small, trashy town just south of boston. They are well known for being outrageously gay and besides for rare individuals, they are complete and utter dirtbags. In there spare time, Marsh-vagans screw their dogs and cats or any other domesticated animal west of the Mississippi. Duxbury a town just south of Marshfield is known for its rich supply or caviar, beautiful estates and incredibly hot babes. Duxbury's partys are also known as the shit which every1 wants to be at and they outscore the trashy marshvagan's pathetic excuses for parties. Also in Marshfields spare time, they go to Wendys, which is the only civil, nice place to be in the whole town even though its still pretty gross and scummy. Marshfield has an awful waste management system that was outdated in thr 18th century making the whole town smell like a heaping pile of warm shit. Marshfield has terrible sports teams and is powned by Duxbury in every sport possible (especially Lacrosse, Football, and Wrestling) excluding badminton and competitive dog fighting, which no one in Duxbury gives a flying fuck about because they know badminton is just gay and dog fighting is for uncivilized douchbags that need an extra buck. All in all, Marshfield is just a real shitty place to live and should be taken off the map because every1 hates them.
- "Whats the difference between a marshfield baby and a baseball?"
-"1 you hit with a bat, and the other ones just a baseball."

-"How many Marshvagan's does it take to screw a light bulb?"
-" Marshvagan's don't screw lightbulbs, they only screw their sisters."
by Two cool kats from Duxbury bitch! February 08, 2008

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