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Beast. (Buffalo Bills rookie tailback)
Guy:"Did you see that? Marshawn Lynch just broke four tackles in the backfield and got the first down!"
Other Guy: "Beast."
by Detlef S. March 04, 2008
A RunningBack who can taste the Rainbow and Runs all over the new Orleans aints. Also see BeastMode

He used to play for the Bills, and now plays for the Seahawks. His power gets multiplied when skittles are around. If he wasn't good enough, if there is a Saint around, it triples. Either that or the saints sucks.. which they do. Thus he gained a share of the club and became an owner of the New Orleans saints
Drunk saint fan: its going to be different! this is the 4th time! Marshawn Lynch will be shut down!!!

NFL fan: who was the QB of the saints in 2005?

Drunk Saint Fan: .........
by B17 Bomber January 31, 2014