This word once said out loud can make people stare for minutes and will make babies cry just at the shear sound. Only use this word in dire need. Marook is a major insult and if used in school would most likely make u a bad ass. Just a heads up, but if the time calls for it whip it out like u know what ur doing but you damn well better not use it wrong
by a marook May 03, 2011
Top Definition
A word so incredibly bad ass and amazing that a definition would physically blow your mind out of your skull and it would keep exploding while you stood in awe of this word. All who know what the word means have sworn never to share its secret definition with anyone. It is said to be both the worst most derogatory word in any language and yet also the most awesome. If I could I would write the definition here, however instead I am informing people of this supreme word that deserves its rightful place on urban dictionary.
Damn I am just a marook i guess.
Oh damn did they just say the "m" word?
by THE marook April 12, 2011
From Yiddish, meaning a miserable or morose person.
"He's a real marook" means "What a misery!"
by Sharix May 23, 2012
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