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Super cool funny chick thats really hot pretty! Nice humble extremely sexy, nice hair had a birthmark that looked like a sun and a crown combined together that changed to looking like a phoenix gorgeous smile nickname Mars~! EXTREMELY SMART~! Witty has comebacks that will make your ass wish you didn't fuck with her unless you get her really mad but, is usally patient and calm! Would make a GREAT GIRLFRIEND!!!!
Person1: Hey Marnaisjah your so awesome ;D
Marnaisjah: Your awesome too! ;D

Person2: Damn your fiesty sometimes!!! ;)
Marnaisjah: Yeah I know!!! ;)

Person3: WANNA GO OUT SOMETIME?! ;) <3
Marnaisjah: I don't know maybe ;)
by Jewel(s) November 03, 2011
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