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a brand of superior outdoors clothing and equipment worn and used by discerning and discriminating outdoors enthusiasts. Known for great technical style, clean and sleek design. Marmot produces technical outdoors and outdoors lifestyle clothing without ridiculous prices. Probably best known for PreCip rainwear, DriClime windshirts, and their sleeping bags but also make beautiful softshells, down jackets, tents and packs. Big break and defining moment came when they did down jackets for the Clint Eastwood classic "The Eiger Sanction", reflected to this day in the clean Euro look of their products. Used by professional guides, carried primarily in outdoor specialty shops such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, Colorado.
Ian - "That's a great looking jacket. Does it keep you warm and dry? Who makes it?"

Carlos - "Yes, it kept me warm and dry in Chamonix. It's waterproof, breathes well, and doesn't have a bunch of useless non-functional crap on it. It's from Marmot."
by da Chetster March 05, 2009
Collective noun: in the army the Marmots are the platoon equivalent of the "boy named sue." Marmots travel in packs and are often seen prowling, as that is their usual mode of transportation, they can prowl by foot, car, bike, boat, tank or any other means of transport.

A single marmot is the most fierce and deadly fighting machine in the united states military.

One would be terribly mistaken to underestimate a marmot, one cannot possibly overestimate the Marmots.
Did you see those Marmots?!?! I swear there was something between us and them.
There was, but that won't stop a Marmot on the prowl.

Death Dealer pog, "man who would want to he a marmot, out platoon name is more bad assed!"
Death Dealer grunt, "watch your mouth, they could kick your ass even if they were called the rainbow unicorns. It takes balls to carry a name like that with pride, and it takes a hell of a soldier to earn that name."
by marmot p. July 04, 2013
An sti which once passed from one person to another causes men to menstrate for one month a year. Other symptoms may include large hair, excessive drug intake , fieces noir,
a strange attraction to rizzo and extreme mood swings.
the first recorded example was
stuart lmh
by The marmots trust March 29, 2005
1) Cute Beaver-like Animal

2) Insulting word for an Overweight Man/Woman
You Fat Marmot!
by Jack Lambert January 26, 2004
A shexy female assassin who shall destroy the sith ninjas and take their panda eggs!
And then eat some cottage cheese later.
Gimme those panda eggs! *yoink*
by Roasted Marmot June 04, 2005