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Strange and unique creatures recognised by their American and down-syndrome like facial features, or visible male camel toe, who are intent on grinding against young and defenceless girls usually under the influence of alcohol.
Marmes' during non-grinding hours take the form of middle aged adult males that enjoy hosting barbeques for colleagues and watering plants within their garden. A disguise which fools many young women into believing Marmes' are caring creatures.
Tarin, another victim of a marmes
by sweatyscrotum665 May 09, 2009
A act of looking slobbish. Not taking care of yourself. This trait normally arises after having children and lapsing back into the "I dont care!" era!
Jill: "Pam, you look like you're not doing to so well, why don't you clean yourself up?!"
Pam: "I know...I'm just stuck in a marme rut!"
by graceruler April 26, 2010