the most stupid, biggest sex maniac, and huge wannabe person you'll ever see. Frequently creeps at girls profiles and ejaculates them. You dont want to hang out with this guy. Very short person, nerdy in some way. loves to ejaculate at white girls. lives in a ghetto neighborhood.
Peter: That guy isso ugly!!!!! yuck
Lindsey: Eeeeeewwwwww. i agree with you totally.. he must be a marlou
by TheGreatBOOM June 18, 2013
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Top Definition
1 word for most cutest person in the world. The one that gives the best kisses and tastes delicious at the same time
im so in love, my girl is really marlou
by zanneman July 11, 2004
ugliest person in the entire planet...and maybe the universe.
john: this marlou guy is so ugly....
by newyorkgirrrll June 18, 2013

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