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One who has been going out with someone for more than 6 months and is under the age of 16.
Pg 40 of the book called "Brave New World"
by 210A back June 03, 2004
13 8

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One who has sex with only one partner and reapiditly does so with that only partner; "a slut who fucks one guy all the time"
Joan, you need more variety rather than always fucking Joe!
by MHSN May 27, 2004
26 13
1. A Male Harlot.

2. A Male who has sex with a lot of people for money or for free.

"Joe had sex with all the Cheerlders, what a Marlot."
by Smartpepper January 12, 2009
10 6
Ashley Jeleniewski
Stop being a marlot
by Nick Brown June 13, 2004
12 22